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Haoge Quick Release L Plate Set for Panorama Panoramic Head Fit Arca Swiss Sunwayfoto Markins Sirui Kirk RRS Benro AS

Haoge Quick Release L Plate Set for Panorama Panoramic Head Fit Arca Swiss Sunwayfoto Markins Sirui Kirk RRS Benro AS

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The Haoge L bracket for Panoramic Head is consist of LVR-200AS Vertical Rail and LQR-200CP Nodal Slide. It is a essential accessory for creating classic or stitched panorama photos and is particularly appealing for nature photographers doing macro and landscape photography. The individual parts can be used for other tasks as well. It is based on Arca Swiss compatible system, the industry standard for high end photographic support system.

Features for LVR-200AS Vertical Rail:
Integrated Arca-Swiss-compatible quick release dovetail.
Double Arca-Swiss-compatible male dovetail rail.
10PCS 1/4"-20 threaded sockets.
The strap mounting hole functionally provide one more hole for fasten the strap or wrist strap, so that can increase the comfortability and security of the lens or the cameras when carrying.
The end of the nodal slide integrate safety stop mounting holes.
Easy recognized laser engraved scale on both sides of the rail to adjust the nodal point conveniently and accurately.
Mount onto any Arca-Swiss-compatible quick release Clamp to create a 90 degree L-component.

Features for LQR-200CP Nodal Slide:
Dual dovetail design, both sides can be mounted equipments.
Clamp with screw-knob help you locking equipment quickly.
Designed with 8pcs UNC1/4 screw thread for extended function.
Accurate calibration fulfill the demand for quickly locating.
High contrast built-in bubble level improve alignment.
Compatible with the universal Arca-Swiss QR system.
Accurately find nodal point in panoramic photography.
In close-up photography, you can slide the camera in and out without moving the tripod.
Metal materials, CNC precision machining, surface oxidation treatment.

Compatible with 39mm Arca Swiss standard equipments such as: RRS, ARCA-SWISS / KIRK / Jobu Design / Wimberley / MARKINS / SUNWAYFOTO / Kangrinpoche / BENRO / SIRUI etc.
(Note:the item can not fit level-release system of RRS / Markins / Vanguard and other brands )

Package Included:
1 x Haoge L bracket
(Ball Head is not included)

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